About Media Campaign

Media Campaign is a Media Planning & Buying Agency that started in 1975 and was one of the first Media Independents in the UK

Media Campaign UK

The first three clients, of note were Laker AirlinesC&A and Virgin Records. The company has been launching and building brands through smart media planning and buying ever since.

Privately owned for the whole period, the company is now part of the Media Campaign Group 

Media Agency London

The current management trade on the same values that Colin Watts and Tony Sullivan (The founders of what was Media Campaign Services) did back in 1975. Senior staff planning and buying the most effective media necessary to get a return for their clients.

The business has moved forward a lot in forty years and now covers online and offline media but with the same principles set when the business launched.

We have launched some of the most iconic and best known names in travel, records, direct response, retail and the financial services on TV and other media, and continue to do so.