TV Buying

Independently proven that we buy up to 60% better than the Networks

Media Campaign’s TV planning & buying is some of the best in the UK

The first and foremost reason for this is that we don’t have share deals. All of the large network agencies agree share deals with the TV contractors at the beginning of each year The main reason for this is that their spends are so large that they can not beat the commoditised average of the market. As they say “If you are the market you can’t beat the market”.

Media Campaign is an independent, boutique buying agency, one of the first and still independent. Every spot or Cost per thousand we negotiate is done so for your brand or service. In addition to this as we don’t buy half of the TV market every year we get the best rates, as do all of the Independent agencies. This has been independently audited and in some cases our rates are 60% better than “The pool” (I.e. the Large agency Group rates, Networks).

So rates is a very important aspect, but rates are not the whole story

Targeting on TV is as important as CPT or Spot Rates. There are hundreds of variables when buying TV and we are experts in factoring all of these variables via our experience and various bespoke and tailor-made trading platforms that our staff use on a daily basis. Your campaign objectives will determine the first decision – Brand, DRTV etc….

Time of day (day time versus peak), channel, program genre, the weather (viewing goes up in the rain), spot length, audience ….. these are just some of the variables our senior staff track on a daily basis for all of our TV advertisers.

Its all about the detail and the experience and we understand both.

If you would like to discuss TV with us then – Please call Media Campaign today on 0207 3890800 or fill in the or fill in the Contact form on our Contact page. Someone will come back to you immediately.

Broadcast Advertising

TV buying is a sub-discipline of media planning and buying that specifically focuses on the process of purchasing television advertising. It involves identifying the target audience, researching and selecting the appropriate TV channels and programs to reach that audience, and negotiating rates and ad placement with the TV stations or networks. TV buying requires a deep understanding of the TV industry, audience behavior, and the capabilities of different TV channels and programs. The goal of TV buying is to purchase TV ad inventory that is most likely to reach the target audience and achieve the desired marketing objectives, while also getting the best value for the budget. This includes analyzing the audience demographics, viewing habits and schedules, as well as assessing the costs and reach of different TV channels. Additionally, TV buying also takes into account the different ad formats available on TV such as: 30 sec, 60 sec, product placement and sponsorship. It also includes the process of buying airtime on TV stations and programs, monitoring the performance of the campaign, and making adjustments as needed to optimize its effectiveness.