Media Planning

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Media Planning and Buying

Media planning and buying is the process of selecting and purchasing advertising space and time across various media channels. This includes determining the target audience, identifying the most effective media channels to reach that audience, and negotiating rates and placement for ad campaigns. Media planning and buying is a key component of an overall advertising strategy and is typically managed by a media planning and buying agency or a company’s in-house media team. The goal of media planning and buying is to effectively reach the target audience and maximize the return on investment for the advertising campaign.

Media Campaign’s success is based on four basic elements


Senior, Experienced Staff

All our senior staff have at least ten years of relevant industry experience


No Share Deals

Unlike ALL of the Network agencies, we have no share deals with any supplier


Constant KPIs

We always work to strict and agreed KPIs with our clients. Coverage, Brand awareness or ROI



Our growth is based on your growth. Our business has always been based around attention to detail and Service

Media Buying Agency

Media buying agencies are an outsourced team that manage media buying activities for a business or brand. These agencies build long term partnerships with clients and brands. They refer to the strategic goals outlined by the client, take the creative and content work and identify the best advertising or “ad space” as it is often referred to based on the media strategy. The buying agency then plans and buys that space at the best rates and with the best targeting against the clients chosen target market. In recent years the buying agencies have become a bigger part of the process with analytics, CPM, CPR and ROI becoming a bigger part of the advertising especially with the growing opportunities with online advertising which would come under the remit of Media Buying. Media Buying agencies have been prominent since the early 1970s and Media Campaign was one of the first in the UK.