Press Buying

Get your brand in the right publications, at the right time with our strategic press buying services

Get your brand in the right newspapers and magazines, at the right time in the right positions with our strategic press buying services

We gurantee to buy the best press rates in the UK because 70% of our inventory is bought short term

Independent auditors have confirmed this.

Advertisers have tracked this and appoint us in favour of the top UK 5 buying companies regularly.

We have been buying Direct Response, Branding and Travel Press advertising for over forty years. We have long solid relationships with all of the major publishers, we understand the market and would happily put our rates up against any agency in the market. If you are currently using press as a medium then give us a call. We will guarantee to match or beat your current rates, but in addition we will give you proven case studies as to how to improve ROI using a mixture of space.

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Press Advertising

Press buying is a sub-discipline of media planning and buying that specifically focuses on print advertising, such as ads in newspapers, magazines, and other print publications. It involves identifying the target audience, researching and selecting the appropriate print publications to reach that audience, and negotiating rates and ad placement with the publishers. The goal of press buying is to create an effective print advertising campaign that will reach the target audience and achieve the desired marketing objectives. This includes analyzing the audience demographics, reading habits, and purchasing power, as well as assessing the costs and reach of different print publications. Press buying also takes into account the different ad formats available in print, such as: full page, half page, quarter page and classifieds. Press buying is a critical aspect of media planning and buying as it helps brands to reach their target audience through the print medium, which can be very effective in certain niches, such as luxury and B2B. If you need to know the cost of magazine and press advertising in the UK then call us today