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Paid Media Specialists buying digital media effectively across Search, Display, Video, Social, E-mail and Native

Across each digital platform we use data and statistics to scientifically optimise web businesses. We look at data from all variables including device, location, ad placement, time of day, day of week, audience demographics and a host of analytical metrics to constantly review our strategy in order to benefit the campaign.

Whether using influencers via Instagram stars to promote your product, or automating your weekly reports using Javascript, our team is always ahead of the curve with the latest digital techniques and technologies.

As an accredited Google Partner agency who recently placed top 5 within Google’s ‘fastest growing PPC agency’ 2016, we are lucky enough to have a plethora of Google experts ready to offer support for our services. This means the number of trained eyes on your account doesn’t end within the walls of our office.

We attribute our success to our intelligent planning, buying and rigorous testing. On top of that we have partnerships with the leading data providers, meaning we will always be able to find your target audience.

If you would like us to take a look at your Digital Strategy call the team on 0207 3890800 or use our contact form.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the use of the internet to promote a product or service. It is a sub-discipline of digital marketing that specifically focuses on reaching the target audience through digital channels. Online advertising typically involves buying ad space on websites, search engines, social media platforms, and other digital channels, as well as creating and distributing digital ad content such as banner ads, videos, and sponsored posts. The goal of online advertising is to create an effective campaign that will reach the target audience and achieve the desired marketing objectives. This includes analyzing the audience demographics, online behavior, and purchasing power, as well as assessing the costs and reach of different online advertising options. Online advertising can be a highly effective way to reach a large and targeted audience, as it allows for precise targeting and measurement of the campaign’s performance. Moreover, with the rise of programmatic advertising, it has become easier to automate the buying and placement of online ads, which can increase the efficiency of the campaign.